The Council plays an active role in providing effective legal representation for superintendents and assistant superintendents. (Cabinet Members). In-house legal services are provided directly from Council attorneys.

We also represent new superintendents even before they join The Council as members. We offer a Model Contract  that serves as a base for negotiating new agreements or a way to evaluate a current contract. Superintendents can also use our Model Superintendent's Evaluation  to help boards and superintendents develop thoughtful, constructive evaluations that advance district goals and keep the leadership team healthy.

Beyond representation, our legal service department prepares legal publications and articles to update superintendents on the latest court cases and regulatory changes, including monthly articles prepared for our Councilgram newsletter. We have also held legal briefing workshops across the state that provide timely and valuable legal information to members when needed. 

The Council's legal services department evaluates legal issues for individual superintendents on the basis of what it means to that superintendent. In addition, our counsel evaluates legal issues and takes appropriate steps when a particular issue also has greater application to the superintendency or to the ability of the superintendent to lead a district.

Legal Services

Superintendents searching for advice on contractual or employment issues may contact a Council attorney at any time.

Level I Legal Services

Level I Legal Services are automatically provided through Council membership and with one call, you will receive legal advice from council attorneys. Services include:

The Council attorneys will represent new superintendents in their negotiation of initial contract, even before they join as members.

Enhanced Level II Benefits/
Direct Legal Representation 

The Enhanced Level II Benefits provide more comprehensive legal representation beyond the Level I Legal services.

Areas covered includes: 

  • Direct Legal Representation
  • Due Process of Law
  • Protracted Conciliation Efforts
  • Post-retirement Representation
  • Enhanced Retirement Planning 

How Much Will It Cost?

Enhanced Level II Benefits are provided to Council members who pay an additional annual $250 fee, if paid between July 1 and October 1st each school year they wish to be enrolled in the level II program. If the member joins after October 1st, the cost is $500. These fees cover 5 hours of legal services and if greater than 5 hours are necessary, additional hours are billed at the rate of $295/hour and The Council will request a retainer a minimum of $1,500. 

Additionally, if services are needed as soon as you join there will be no initial membership fee but you will be billed at the rate of $295/hour with the retainer required prior to commencing direct legal services. The individual member is responsible for this payment and cannot seek reimbursement from a school district for this fee. If you are an AASA member, you may have access to reimbursement depending on the length of membership.

There is no additional fee required for the enhanced retirement planning opportunity as long as your are a member of the Level II Legal service.

To enroll, simply complete and return this form or call our office at (518) 449-1063 to have your enrollment processed with a Visa or Mastercard.

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Jacinda H. Conboy, Esq., General Counsel
T: 518.449.1063
Twitter: @JazzConboy  #WomenEdLeaders #EmpowerUp

Jazz is primarily responsible for negotiating superintendent's employment contracts and providing legal advice and assistance to our members. In addition, Jazz designs legal seminars, provides presentations on legal educational issues and is also the creator of the Council's Women's Initiative.

Greg S. Berck, Esq., Assistant Director for Governmental Relations & Assistant Counsel
T:  518.449.1063
Twitter: @Greg_Berck  #LeadersMatter

Greg devotes his efforts to the The Council's lobbying and advocacy agenda. He also assists in negotiating superintendent's employment contracts and providing legal advice and assistance to our members. Greg works with the executive and legislative branches of state and federal  government as well as a variety of state agencies. Contact Greg regarding legislative and regulatory concerns and legal inquiries.

Kelley A. Pratt, Program Associate & Legal Support
T: 518.694.4878
Twitter: @KELLEYP48

Kelley provides support for the General Counsel and legal team. In addition, she assists with program planning for LEAF, Inc., serves as a contact for general member inquiries, and manages the Council's Career Center.

Contact Kelley if you have questions or need to request a meeting/call with Jazz or Greg.