Model Superintendent's Evaluation

The Board of Education's evaluation of the superintendent is one of its most important functions. It is also mandated by law (8 NYCRR 100.2(0)(2); requiring an evaluation on an annual basis.

The evaluation is the instrument through which the board judges the superintendent, how (s)he is performing, whether its goals for the district are being achieved and what needs to be done if they are not. The evaluation often forms the foundation for remuneration changes in the future. As importantly, past evaluations are something the superintendent may rely on both internally and externally as evidence of excellent performance should board goals or compositions change dramatically.

The Council's Model Superintendent Evaluation helps boards and superintendents develop thoughtful, constructive evaluations that advance district goals and keep the leadership team healthy. It is by no means the only model, just a suggested guide that is available to members only.


For more specific information on how to use this evaluation more effectively or if you would like to receive the Word document, please contact General Counsel Jacinda H. Conboy, Esq. at 518.449.1063 or