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The Council's Committees

The Council hosts committees that work on specific areas of importance. Our committees have done excellent work and delivered quality service to our Council. Each committee is led by a chairperson, who is an active member of The Council. Serving as a committee chair is an important job with high expectations. 

Chairpersons are appointed by the President of The Council with recommendations by the Executive Director. Membership on committees varies depending on the by-laws. Members are welcome to join the committees (s)he is most interested in. Committee selection is done in conjunction with membership. Only active members of The Council may join committees.

Council Committees  

  1. Federal Legislative: An advocacy committee which serves to monitor federal legislation and to provide input on key issues affecting New York State schools to members of U.S. Congress and the U.S. Department of Education. The committee also coordinates efforts with the sub-committee of the American Association of School Administrators (AASA)/Federal Relations Committee. Membership on this committee includes New York's AASA Executive Committee and Governing Board members. Co-Chairs: Cosimo Tangorra, Superintendent, Niskayuna & TBD

  2. Athletics: Liaison to the New York State Public High School Athletic Association; provides input to legislative committees and SED on issues related to athletics. Chairs: Lori Caplan, Superintendent, Watervliet City 

  3. Curriculum and Instruction: Helps to formulate Council positions on curriculum, assessment and instructional issues. Primarily responsible for advising The Council on most issues addressed by the Board of Regents and disseminates information to the membership pertaining to curricular concerns. Co-Chairs: William Johnson, Superintendent, Rockville Centre & Lorna Lewis, Superintendent, Plainview-Old Bethpage

  4. Assessment Sub-Committee: Serves as a liaison between the Curriculum and Instruction Committee and the NYSED Office for Standards, Assessments, and Reporting. Solicits input and feedback regarding issues, questions, concerns, and recommendations pertaining to assessment. Chairs: David Hurst, Assistant Superintendent for Educational Programs, Bethlehem CSD

  5. Special Ed Sub-Committee: Helps to formulate Council positions on Special Education and serves as an advisory subcommittee to the Curriculum and Instruction Committee on matters related to serving students with disabilities in New York State. Co-Chair: Maureen Donahue, Superintendent, Southwestern & TBD

  6. Cabinet: Helps explore and develop professional development programs and services tailored to the needs of The Council's Cabinet members. Chair: Lynn Allen, Assistant Superintendent, Putnam/Northern Westchester BOCES

  7. Member Service Committee (sub-committee of the Snapshot Committee): Primarily responsible for reviewing current member benefits and determining what/if any additional services may be beneficial to the membership. Chair: William Heidenreich, Superintendent, Valley Stream Central HS District

  8. Dr. Mary Barter Scholarship for Women and Minorities: Explores and recommends strategies for recruitment of outstanding candidates, especially minorities women, into the educational profession and the superintendency. Chair: Gladys Cruz, District Superintendent, Questar III BOCES

  9. Wellness: Promotes the well-being of superintendents through informational programs and activities. Chair: Bo Lawrence Wright, Superintendent, Rush-Henrietta

  10. Conference Committee Task Force: To guide the design of the Fall Leadership Summit and the Winter Institute to create a seamless experience including improving educational formats, identifying leading meeting ideas, and creating content strands and vettting presentation proposals. Chairs:  Robert Ike, Palmyra-Macedon & Kevin McGowan, Brighton 

The Following Committees are By Appointment Only:

  1. APPR Task Force: Aids in formulating Council positions on teacher and principal evaluation issues and in identifying information and training needs of members about the evaluation system. Co-Chairs:  Kimberly Moritz, Superintendent, Springville-Griffith Institute

  2. Budget: Prepares budget for submission to House of Delegates. The House of Delegates at the Winter meeting elects three Budget Committee members. President-elect chairs committee. Chair: Martha Group, Superintendent, Sherrill City

  3. Constitution and By-Law/Resolutions: Reviews proposed amendments and resolutions to The Council’s Constitution and drafts amendments for consideration by active members. Constitution limits membership to seven members. Chair: TBD

  4. Distinguished Service: Selects recipients of The Council’s Awards including the Raymond R. Delaney Memorial Scholarship and Distinguished Service Award, both of which are given at the Fall Leadership Summit. "Friend of The Council" and Appreciation Awards are presented at the Winter Institute. The committee also selects New York State's candidate for AASA "Superintendent of the Year" award and is composed of past presidents of The Council. Chair: William Johnson, Superintendent, Rockville Centre

  5. Ethics: Promotes high standards of ethics among school administrators; assists members in dealing with ethical issues; investigates allegations of improper practices; recommends financial assistance for initial legal consultation. The Council’s president appoints committee members. Chair: Douglas Huntley, Superintendent, Queensbury

  6. Finance and Investment: Responsibilities shall be to advise The Council on investments, recommend an investment strategy, ensure the preparation of an annual audit and tax forms, and review audited financial statements. Chair: Charles Dedrick, Executive Director

  7. Legislative: The mission of the legislative committee is to advocate for the support of public education with elected officials, state and local agencies, the media, and local communities. They stress the importance of public education as an investment in the country’s future through regular communication with policy makers and help shape education policy through position papers, letters to the editor, and timely articles. The also prepare a legislative agenda. Co-Chairs: Joseph Famularo, Superintendent, Bellmore UFSD & Neil O'Brien, Superintendent, Port Byron 

  8. Nominating: Places names of active members in nomination for Council offices and communicates with the membership relate to the process. The committee, consisting of seven members, is appointed at the Winter Institute. Chair: Martin Handler, Superintendent, Pine Plains

  9. Snapshot of the Superintendency (formerly Membership): Primarily responsible for the design, development, and writing of the Snapshot of the Superintendency. Committee members possess expertise in research design and methodology as well as professional writing for publication.  Members of the committee must attend meetings and contribute to the design, development, and writing of the document. Chair:  Robert Ike, Superintendent, Palmyra-Macedon