New Superintendents Institute

The New Superintendents Institute is specifically designed for first year superintendents
or superintendents new to New York State. As a new superintendent stepping into the
role of educational leadership, the journey ahead may seem both exhilarating and daunting.
However, with the support and guidance of the New York State Council of School Superintendents
(NYSCOSS), its professional development foundation, the Leadership for Educational Achievement
Foundation, Inc. (LEAF) and colleagues around the state, your transition can be a smooth and
empowering experience. From an orientation session and workshops to networking opportunities
and statewide conferences, we offer a comprehensive array of resources tailored specifically to
help new superintendents succeed. 
The New Superintendents Institute is led by Dr. Phyllis Harrington
and taught by high-caliber, highly experienced superintendents and educational experts.

The New Superintendents Institute Includes:
  • four in-person sessions and three virtual check-in meetings throughout the year
  • All new superintendents who register for the New superintendents Institute have the option to add a leadership coaching component
    to their first year.
    Opting in at a reduced rate of $2500 for coaching for 10 monthly meetings with a coach to discuss issues of concern and delve into leadership 
    challenges. Coaching sessions help you unleash your potential by tapping into your thinking, focusing on what is important. All sessions are confidential

NYSCOSS provides free contract negotiation services for all new
superintendents and annually renegotiates superintendent contracts.
Contact Jazz Conboy, General Counsel at or
Greg Berck, Assistant Counsel at


Vreneli G. Banks  
Associate Director
Director of LEAF, Inc.
T:  518.694.4875