Snapshot of the Superintendency

The Snapshot of the Superintendency is a unique source of data, when looked at longitudinally, chronicles how the superintendency in New York as evolved by asking questions on personal, contractual, retirement, and educational issues related to the superintendency. Since  its inception in 1991, the Snapshot of the Superintendency has served as the primary source for Chief School Officers with regard to trends related to the role and was originally published every three years. In 2015, The Council chose to prepare this series of surveys and publish the Snapshot of the Superintendency every five years.

The 2020 survey  was conducted online between October 1 and October 23, 2019 through K12 Insight, a Signature Partner of The Council. A total of 474 superintendents submitted complete responses, yielding a response rate of 64%. The work superintendents are doing today could not even have been dreamed of when the Snapshot first began. So, to model the life-long learning and constant change that is expected of our members, we’ve made some significant changes to the presentation of the Snapshot X (2020) . For this edition, we’ve scaled down our content to highlight the most salient points that we think our members will be interested in. The Snapshot X was presented to attendees at the 2020 Fall Leadership Summit. Additional data was added in January 2021. 

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