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Membership Benefits

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Superintendent Member Legal Services

Superintendents wishing advice on contractual or employment issues may contact a Council attorney.

Level I Legal Services

Level I Legal Services are automatically provided through your Council membership and with one call, you will receive immediate legal advice directly from Council attorneys. Services include:

Level I Legal Services is limited to five hours of service. After five hours, the superintendent will be required to purchase Legal Level II Services if the The Council's representation becomes protracted. The Council will represent new superintendents in their negotiation of their initial contract, even before they join as members. 

Enchanced Level II Benefits / Direct Legal Representation


The Enchanced Level II Benefits provides more comprehensive legal representation beyond the Level I Legal services. Areas covered include:

  • Direct Legal Representation

  • Due Process of Law

  • Protracted Conciliation Efforts

  • Post-retirement Representation

  • Enhanced Retirement Planning

Please review the attached Enhanced Level II Benefits brochure for a detailed description of this direct legal representation services. 

How Much Will it Cost?

Enhanced Level II  Benefits are provided to Council members who pay an additional annual $250 fee if paid by October 1st or $500 fee if paid after to The Council. The individual member is responsible for this payment and cannot seek reiumbursement from a school district for this fee.

There is no additional fee required for the enhanced retirement planning opportunity as long as you are a member of the Level II Legal service. For direct legal services or protracted conciliation efforts, there is a $1,500 retainer deposit that is the member’s responsibility; the hourly rate of $195 per hour is billed against the retainer deposit and provides 10 hours of service.The retainer deposit is paid directly to The Council before direct legal representation can commence. If additional hours are needed beyond the 10 initial hours, you can purchase these hours from The Council at a rate of $195 per hour.

To register, just complete the registration form in the Enhanced Level II Benefits brochure and send it The Council.

For more information about what legal services are available to members or to activate your Enchanced Level II Benefits, contact Jacinda H. Conboy, Esq., General Counsel at E-mail: or Gregory Berck, Assistant Director for Governmental Relations & Assistant Counsel at E-mail: To schedule an appointment with Jacinda or Greg call Kelley A. Pratt, Program Associate & Legal Support  at (518) 694-4878.