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Cabinet Member Legal Services

Legal Support

The Council’s legal service for Cabinet Members was developed to provide assistant and deputy superintendents with access to an attorney who will act as a legal advisor, free-of-charge, in the following matters:

  • General Support

  • General Education Law Questions

  • Contract Review

  • Retirement Planning/Post Retirement 

Contract Support

New Administrators:  The Council will represent Cabinet Members in memorializing initial employment agreements, even before they join as members.

Contract Reviews/Renewals: The Council will review contracts to ensure consistency with state law and regulation and to identify out-of-date clauses that may jeopardize rights, or to identify benefits that would be restructured based on current trends, new laws or changing personal situations.The Council will assist in memorializing any changes to the contract, negotiated by the Cabinet Member.

The Council’s in-house legal service offers legal representation and guidance regarding many of the important issues that Cabinet Members face.

For more information about what legal services are available to members, contact Jacinda H. Conboy, Esq., General Counsel at E-mail: or Gregory Berck, Assistant Director for Governmental Relations & Assistant Counsel at E-mail: To schedule an appointment with Jacinda or Greg call Kelley A. Pratt, Administrative Assistant at (518) 694-4878.