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2nd & 3rd Year Superintendents Institute

The 2nd & 3rd Year Institute is a professional development program is specifically designed by and for early career superintendents. Topics featured are critical issues chosen by participants during the program planning phase and change every year. The program offers practical advice from veteran superintendents and experts in the field and time to reflect on professional practice. Sessions are offered in conjunction with each major conference (Fall and Winter) to reduce travel time and time away from the district.


September 25, 2016

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March 5, 2017 
9 am - 12:30 pm

Navigating Superintendent Evaluation: How Do You Sucessfully Lead a Meaningful Evaluation Process that Results in Professional Growth as an Effective Superintendent?

In this three hour workshop for superintendents, we will explore the various aspects that answer this important, essential question. You will be involved in discussions about the compelling whys for superintendent evaluation, examine standards of excellence and corresponding competencies, explore what comprises defensible evidence, analyze elements of quality performance goals, and investigate effective communication skills. Interactive activities will frame how the components of effective superintendent evaluation lead to a meaningful evaluation resulting in professional growth as an effective superintendent.

In this workshop, we:
EXAMINE the foundational context and aspects of superintendent evaluation.

  • Compelling Whys for superintendent evaluation
  • Establishing commitments to a process

INVESTIGATE the standards, competencies, and performance indicators of the evaluation instrument.

  • The Council's Superintendent Model Evaluation and Competencies
  • Benefits of Using an Evaluation Rubric
  • Distinguishing Levels of Quality in Performance Indicators

EXPLORE the concept of defensible evidence in support of performance goals.

  • What Comprises Defensible Evidence
  • Evidence, Interpretation, and Bias

ANALYZE SMART superintendent performance goals.

  • Guidelines for setting SMART goals
  • Analyzing superintendent performance goals

UTILIZE effective verbal communication skills for conversations, reflection, and feedback.

  • Enhancing communication using effective communication skills

Presented by Scott Payne, Superintendent of Schools, Pine Valley CSD and Michael Horning, Jr., Executive Vice President, SuperEval.

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Contact: Vren Banks, Assistant Director, LEAF, Inc. at 518/694-4875 or email


Strategic Partners
  • Capitol Region Education Council (CREC)
  • New York Schools Insurance Reciprocal (NYSIR)