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Sunrise Cafe Round Table Discussion Groups


Monday, March 4, 2019 / 8 – 8:45 a.m.

Marketplace of Ideas Exhibit Hall 


Leasing, Selling, Buying District Property – What School Leaders Need to Know

Presented by Signature Partner Ferrara Fiorenza PC

Strand Five:          A Leader’s Toolbox
Moderator:           Colleen W. Heinrich, Esq., Attorney, Ferrara Fiorenza PC.

A roundtable discussion regarding what school leaders need to know and the pitfalls to avoid when deciding to sell, buy or lease District property.


A Framework for Reflection and Growth: An Innovative Model for Leadership Evaluations

Presented by Signature Partner NYLearns/SuperEval. (PLS 3rd Learning)

Strand Five:          A Leader’s Toolbox
Moderator:           Michael L. Horning, Jr., Executive Vice President, SuperEval

The Framework for Reflection and Growth was developed in response to the profound need for high-quality leadership and district administrator evaluation rubrics. This discussion reviews this new evaluation rubric which is organized by 17 core competencies of effective leadership in four domains of Mindset, Personal Qualities/Values, Professional Qualities, and Skills/Knowledge. Each domain has an operational definition while each competency has powerful “I am” statements replacing the traditional HEDI scale. This allows an administrator to engage in a reflective and evidence-based evaluation process by assessing one’s own performance as “Beginning/Attempting,” “Making a Strong Effort,” Meeting the Expectation,” and “Exceeding the Expectation.”


Hackathons in Schools: Hack your way to sustainable growth, student/staff engagement and an inclusion mindset.

Presented by Premier Diamond Partner Microsoft Corporation

Strand Five:          A Leader’s Toolbox
Moderator:           Christopher White, EDU Strategist, Microsoft

Hackathons in Schools: How school leaders can hack their way to sustainable growth, student/staff engagement and an inclusion mindset. 


Building Resiliency Into Capital Projects: Solutions for School Resiliency to Violence

Presented by Signature Partner NYSIR

Strand Five:          A Leader’s Toolbox
Moderator:           Robert K. Blaisdell, ACLM, CPSI, Senior Risk Control Specialist, NYSIR

Making school facilities more resilient is an essential step in preventing targeted violent attacks. Having facilities which slow an armed intruder allows for law enforcements to the scene, engaging and neutralizing the threat. There are a host of methods to increase resiliency to meet these challenges. This discussion will touch on these challenges and provide solutions.


The Critical Path of Construction Management During a Capital Project

Presented by Signature Partner C&S Companies

Strand Five:         A Leader’s Toolbox
Moderators:        Nate Van Wie, Senior Project Manager & Mike DiPerna, Senior Project Manager, C&S Companies

Discuss the important steps in the process of planning and executing a capital project. The importance of engaging the CM firm early and bringing them to the table with the architects to help plan and guide the process early to ensure capital project success.

  • Pre-referendum strategies to ensure a smooth bidding process
  • Pre-construction phasing planning
  • The importance of vendor engagement from bidding through construction
  • Construction phase management practices
  • Project close-out strategies

Universal Design for Learning

Presented by Premier Silver Partner Edmentum 

Strand One:          Meeting Student’s Needs
Moderator:           Garry Haraveth, New York Partnership Manager, Edmentum

In the quest to truly serve every student under ESSA, instructional leaders need models that dynamically differentiate, and many are now developing and integrating Universal Design for Learning (UDL). 

We will discuss: How does the UDL framework encourage student engagement, agency, and flexibility? How can a school district approach UDL in problem solving and engaging students, teachers, families, and communities? How are content providers using UDL in designing their education solutions?

Join me on this journey and bring to the discussion your district’s experiences and suggested best practices.