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Learn . . . From Sunrise Cafe Discussions


Monday, September 24 / 8 – 8:45 a.m.

Join fellow superintendents at roundtable breakfasts discussions on Monday morning and share your perspective on topics of importance. Sunrise Café tables will be moderated. Reflect and discuss ideas that impact you and your colleagues during breakfast. No pre-registration required. 

The Critical Path of Construction Management During a Capital Project
Presented by Signature Partner C&S Companies
Strand 6: Helping Others
Moderator: Nate Van Wie, Senior Project Manager, C&S Companies & Mike DiPerna, Senior Project Manager, C&S Companies

Discuss the important steps in the process of planning and executing a capital project. The importance of engaging the CM firm early and bringing them to the table with the architects to help plan and guide the process early to ensure capital project success.

• Pre-referendum strategies to ensure a smooth bidding process
• Pre-construction phasing planning
• The importance of vendor engagement from bidding through construction
• Construction phase management practices
• Project close-out strategies

How to Start and Scale Personalized Learning
Presented by Signature Partner Education Elements
Strand 5: Achievement, Individuality, Creativity
Moderators: Angela Chubb, Managing Partner, Education Elements & Janice Vargo, Associate Partner, Education Elements

Education Elements is an education consulting firm that works with over 120 districts across the country -- including 20+ districts in New York -- to ensure that schools are meeting the needs of all students. Join us for a conversation on personalized learning – what it is, how to start, and how to scale. Learn about effective practices and what we’re seeing across the national and local landscape.

The Changing Landscape of Student Immunization
Presented by Signature Partner Ferrara Fiorenza PC
Strand 1: Health / Wellness
Moderator: Colleen W. Heinrich, Esq., Partner Ferrara Fiorenza PC

An examination of how to address student immunization exemption requests. What is a District required to consider when making a decision, along with a review of District obligations to provide student instruction.

Solutions for Contractual Liability Challenges
Presented by Signature Partner New York Schools Insurance Reciprocal (NYSIR)
Strand 2: Safety / Security
Moderator: Robert K. Blaisdell, Senior Risk Control Specialist, NYSIR

Capital projects present many challenges for school administrators. These include ensuring Insurance Specifications to protect the District are accurate and met; indemnification agreements are fair and that proper risk transfer provisions are in place. This session of Sunrise Café will touch on these challenges and provide solutions.

Best Practices in Maximizing Revenues
Presented by Premier Gold Partner Futures Education, LLC
Strand 6: Helping Others
Moderators: Richard LaBrie, M.Ed., Futures Education, LLC & Michael Neiman, Ph.D., Futures Education, LLC

In our work, both in New York and nationally, increasing financial pressures have forced business officials to try to find creative ways to maximize revenues and manage costs. This session is designed to facilitate a conversation to address successes, challenges, and problem-solving opportunities to: maximize potential revenue streams (i.e, Medicaid, IDEA grants, etc.); improve efficiency of transportation; and pursue “out of the box” options (e.g., shared services with municipalities). Actual (anonymous) case studies from Mr. LaBrie’s expertise in the field of school finance will be used to facilitate the conversation.

Case Study: Meeting Students Where They are in Liberty Schools and Finding Success for Students and Teachers Alike
Presented by Premier Silver Partner Right Reason Technologies
Strand 5: Achievement, Individuality, Creativity
Moderator: Doc Watson, Right Reason Technologies & Gus Tornatore, Superintendent, Liberty

Meeting kids where they are through the use of innovative technologies to provide a high level of individualized instruction.

Learn how to plan for instruction and assessments effectively using the strategies of Learning Recovery and Topic Remediation to drive instructional decisions that meet the needs of each individual learner. A teacher builds and shares detailed lesson plans in the same tool that provides the assessments, lessons and analysis which makes remediation and acceleration easy. Come find out how your teachers could use RightPath™ to provide the same level of personalized learning for your students!

Found Money: Understanding and Leveraging the NYSED District Reimbursement Process for the Albert Shanker Grant
Presented in collaboration with New York State Education Department
Strand 6: Helping Others
Moderators: C0lleen McDonald, NBCT, NYS Network to Transform Teaching~Site Director & Elena Bruno, NYSED Albert Shanker Grant

Want to get in on what teachers are describing as the best professional learning they ever had? Each year NYSED awards tenured, public school teachers the Albert Shanker grant to pursue the National Board Certification process. This award includes, per candidate, a $500 reimbursement for districts to defray costs of provided support for those candidates. So, how do you know if you have eligible candidates? How do you know when they are eligible? What types of activities or services “provide support” and qualify as reimbursable? What do you need to do to apply for the reimbursement monies? Where do I find the forms? What is the reimbursement window? Find out the answer to these questions and more.
Link to PowerPoint presentation here!