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Sunday, March 5 / 4 - 5:15 p.m.

EdCamp Learning Session 

Sponsored and presented by the Cabinet Committee.

The Cabinet Committee is thrilled to be piloting an EdCamp format as a new way to provide professional development for our members by our members. 

Topics are completely participant-driven and will be identified on the day of the session. Although you do not need to present, anyone with a topic of interest is encouraged to sign up to facilitate a conversation. You are welcome to propose a session where you are the expert or to propose a session where you are the one with questions or concerns. Topic examples include technology, ENL, model classrooms and ESSA. Sometimes the best learning is born of informal conversation. It’s all about learning and sharing! You will take away a host of great ideas, new resources and enjoy time interacting with colleagues who share your interests. All are welcome but pre-registration is strongly encouraged. #edcampNYSCOSS 

  1. Link here for session PowerPoint!

Sunday, March 5 / 4:15 – 5:15 p.m.

State Financial Outlook and the Schools – A DEBATE!

with E. J. McMahon, Research Director, The Empire Center & Ron Deutsch, Executive Director, Fiscal Policy Institute

E.J. McMahon, Research Director at The Empire Center, and Ron Deutsch, Executive Director of The Fiscal Policy Institute, will discuss state finances, funding for schools, and what needs to be done to assure schools a financially sustainable future. These two experts are on the opposite ends of the fiscal spectrum and their insights will provide a valuable perspective. Moderating the debate will be The Council’s Bob Lowry and attendees will also be able to ask questions.

Legal Briefing:  They are investigating us for what ??!!?
Civil Rights and Discrimination, Trends in Agency Enforcement Efforts, and Increase Liability Coverage

Sponsored and presented by Signature Partner Ferrara Fiorenza, PC

with Charles E. Symons, Esq., Partner, Ferrara Fiorenza, PC

Issues relating to civil rights, discrimination and “political correctness” were front and center during the presidential campaign, and have remained so following the election. This presentation will explain trends regarding federal agency enforcement of anti-discrimination laws and how recent court decisions addressing such claims are of increasing concern for school districts. The presentation will also note potential short and long-term impacts of the recent presidential election on these claims. The explosion in complaints regarding school district website accessibility for people with disabilities will also be briefly reviewed. The presentation will include practical tips to help insulate you and your school district from liability resulting from these civil rights actions.

  1. Link here to session PowerPoint!

Where Does CTE Fit in the CDOS and 4+1 Pathway Models

Sponsored and presented by the CTE Technical Assistance Center of NY

with Bernard Pierorazio & Carol Zygo, Field Team Associates, CTE Technical Assistance Center of NY

With the adoption of the CDOS pathway and the development of various 4+1 pathway models school leaders need to understand the implications for program elements, assessment, graduation requirements and resource allocation.  This session will share how districts are using this flexibility to increase graduation rates.

Sponsored and presented by the CTE Technical Assistance Center of NY

Monday, March 6 / 2:30 – 3:30 p.m.

The Women’s Initiative:   Courageous Conversations – Bringing Meaning to
Your Words and Your Interactions

with Corey Jamison, CEO, Corey Jamison Consulting

We all know the feeling of dread that comes with sharing difficult feedback, or the anticipation of a conversation that could easily go wrong.  In our role as educational leaders, every conversation matters, and more than our fair share of them require courage.  Unlike our colleagues in other lines of work, our interactions center around the things that matter most to all of our key stakeholders:  children’s safety and well-being, families having a voice in their child’s educational future, community members being aligned with, supporting, and effectively engaging with their local school systems.  What can we bring to these conversations that can transform them from dreaded debates where force of ego and strength of will often preside? What mindsets, behaviors and strategies can we demonstrate to call out collaborative effort, meaningful dialogue and shared accountability for outcomes?  

Sound too good to be true?

Please join us for this dialogue about Courageous Conversations, where we will identify and practice 3 key strategies for building rapport, influencing and promoting positive dialogue in challenging circumstances.

The Empowered Superintendent – Leading a Digital Transformation in Your District

with Randy Squier, Superintendent, Coxsackie-Athens

As a superintendent, it can be hard to have accessible, quality resources to meet your needs in implementing a technology transformation. CoSN’s Empowered Superintendent Initiativeprovides such resources to increase the capacity of superintendents and their leadership teams to lead successful technology efforts. The Empowered Superintendent toolkit, a collaboration with AASA, the Superintendents Association and CoSN provides district leadership teams the tools to improve their knowledge, skills, and confidence in leading a digital transformation. 

This session will give an overview of the free toolkit and provide take home ideas based on lessons learned from recent digital conversions taking place in schools. Participants will explore the five imperatives for technology leadership, and four action steps to best leverage your team and structure its experience to foster the power of technology in education. Finally, participants will learn how to access self-assessments and other tools to assess your next steps in your digital conversion. 

Finding Hope After Addition

with Cortney Lovell, President, Wrise Consulting Service and Member of Governor Cuomo’s Heroin & Opioid Task Force Thomas J. O’Brien, Superintendent, Roxbury and Member of Governor Cuomo’s Heroin & Opioid Task Force Craig Shull, High School Principal, Ichabod Crane

We know all too well the impact addiction is having within our schools and communities, but what do know about recovery from addiction? Hear testimonial about addiction from the student perspective and learn ways your district could support the recovery process of students and their families.

 Following this session, participants will learn:

  • Five warning signs of addiction in students.

  • Five stages of recovery.

  • Recovery-oriented and person-first language skills. 

  • About resources on addiction treatment and recovery support.

Monday, March 6 / 4 – 5 p.m.


Economic and Fiscal Outlook for the State and Schools

with Robert Lowry, Jr., Deputy Director and Greg Berck, Esq., Assistant Director for Governmental Relations

Hear from The Council’s Advocacy Team with their analysis of Governor Cuomo’s proposed budget and the fiscal and political outlook for schools and education policy.

Shifting Teacher Supervision from A Culture of Compliance to a Culture of Personal Growth


with Adele Bovard, Deputy Superintendent, Syosset Schools and Candi McKay, Author, Consultant and Retired Educator

Shifting teacher supervision from a focus on compliance to a focus on professional reflection and growth highlights the art and joy of teaching and learning in the classroom. This session will explore key factors for superintendents and instructional leaders that empower teachers to become the architects of their professional learning, creating cultures where “getting better” applies to everyone in the system. Enhancing professional practice requires courage, a deep understanding of teaching and learning, and the skillful use of evidence as a catalyst for reflection. This practical session offers specific tools and strategies that investigate each key through authentic examples and lively group discussion.

Legal Briefing: Dos and Don’ts of dealing with Homelessness, Residency, Non-Resident Tuition Students and Dual Enrollment Issues

Sponsored and presented by Premier Silver Partner Girvin & Ferlazzo, P.C

with Kristine A. Lanchantin, Esq., Partner, Girvin & Ferlazzo, P.C

Student enrollment and rights of attendance are issues we deal with every day.  Attend and learn the correct processes and receive some templates to assure compliance and consistency when dealing with these important student issues. 

Consortium of Innovation Update

with Mike Ford, University of Rochester and COI Team Members

The Council’s Foundation, The Leadership for Educational Achievement Foundation, Inc. (LEAF), launched the Consortium of Innovation (COI) in November 2015 as a grant-funded pilot project. The goal of the grant was aimed to increase BOCES’ capacity to support their districts on advancing key teaching and learning priorities, and to provide resources and support to foster learning and sharing among districts. Three BOCES and 17 school districts participated in this project that ended on December 31, 2016.

BOCES and districts developed goals around teacher and principal collaboration, communications, and instructional leadership. Join us for this session to learn about the best practices that were developed, ways in which district teams improved instruction, and outcomes from the grant activities. Some of the resources that were developed will be shared with participants.