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Bill Memos & Positions

2020 Memoranda

Ten Legislative Actions for School Success

2019 Memoranda

Ten Legislative Actions for School Success

Support Increase Earning Limitation for Retirees

Support Exempting Schools from Paid Time Off for Elections

Support Eliminating the Religious Exemption for Vaccinations

Oppose Consolidating 11 Aids into "Services Aid" and reducing Building Aid

Oppose State Control Over School Funding Allocations 

Support Authorizing School Districts to Save for Future Teacher Pension Obligations




Oppose Making the Tax Cap Permanent Without Changes

Support Adjusting the BOCES Superintendent Salary Cap

Support Polling Place Safety for Schools

Support Increasing the Limit on Capital Outlays for Small School Construction Projects

Student Health Concerns — Vaping, "Tobacco 21," Cannabis Legalization

School Bus Proposals

Support Authorizing Tuition-Free Dual Enrollment Courses at SUNY Community Colleges

2018 Memoranda

Council/NYSSBA Joint Memo in Support of TRS Reserve Fund

ECB Memo in Opposition to 529 Vouchers in State Budget

Memo in Opposition-529 Plan Vouchers 

Memo In Support-Prior Year Claim Payback

Memo In Support-Transportation Piggybacking

Memo In Support-Increase Retiree Earning Limitations

2017 Memoranda

Memo in Support-Adequate Increase in School Aid

Memo in Support-Fix the Tax Cap

Memo in Support-TRS Reserve Fund

Memo in Support-District Superintendent Salary Cap Increase

Memo in Opposition-Division of Human Rights Jurisdiction

Memo in Opposition-Charter School Funding Increase

Memo in Opposition-DOB Unilateral Authority

Memo in Support-Prior Year Claims Repayment

Memo in Support-Special Act Rate Setting

2016 Memoranda

Memo in Support-Decouple State Aid and Educator Evaluations

Memo in Support-Fix the Tax Cap


2015 Memoranda

Memo in Opposition-Education Tax Credit

Memo in Support-School Health Insurance Policies

Memo in Support-BOCES DS Salary

Memo in Support-BOCES Board Vacancies by Appointment

Memo in Opposition-School Vote Dates

Memo in Support-OPEB Trus Fund

Memo in Support-Alternative Discipline Discretion

Memo in Opposition-Consruction Materials Retainage


2013-14 Memoranda

A Message to Lawmakers

Advocacy 101 Powerpoint Presentation

2013-14 Budget Mandate Relief

2013-14 Budget APPR (Oppose)

2013-14 Joint APPR Memo (Oppose)

2013-14 Budget Special Education Waiver (Support)

2013-14 Budget Stable Pension Rate

2013-14 Budget Insolvency

2013-14 Budget School Aid

Regional High Schools - S.3778/A.6165, S.4795 (Support with amendments)

BOCES as Regional Leaders (Support)

School District Budget overview

No New Mandates

Let NY Work Coalition No New Mandates

Unilateral Private Placement - S.5842-A / A.7786-B (Oppose)

2012 Memoranda

A.10722-A/S.7722-A - Relates to Private Placements (Oppose)

A.10712/S.7740 - Relates to Cyberbullying (Oppose)

A.10290/S.6688 - Relates to Mandate Relief (Support)

A.9961-A/S.7225 - Relates to Superintendents suspension hearings (Oppose)

A.9824/S.7247 - Relates to Mandating Supplemental Educational Services (Oppose)

A.9283 - Relates to Exempting BOCES Capital Expenditures (Support)

A.8976 - Relates to Distribution of Library Information (No Objection)

S.5184-C/A.8002-B - Relates to Establishing Regional High Schools (Support)

2012-2013 Budget - School Aid Incentive Grants (Concern)

2012-2013 Budget - Mandate Relief (Concern)

2012-2013 Budget - Pre-K Special Education (Concern)

2012-2013 Budget - Tier VI (Support)

Let NY Work Agenda