Easier to Read School Aid Run - and Foundation Aid Analysis

February 9, 2023

Questions? Contact:

Robert Lowry, Deputy Director
Greg Berck, Esq., Assistant Director
E:  advocacy@nyscoss.org

ALBANY, NY – Check out our version of an easier to read School Aid run. The spreadsheet will produce three reports for any district:

“All Aids” shows aid results by category with 2022-23 and proposed 2023-24 amounts presented side-by-side, with year-to-year dollar and percentage change. This makes it easier to identify which formulas are driving changes in total aid.

“Foundation Aid Analysis” shows each district’s base year and proposed Foundation Aid amounts and what its funded Foundation Aid would be if there no save-harmless or minimum percentage increases in aid. It also presents key aid factors for 2023-24, 2022-23 and 2007-08 -- the year the formula became law. This can help illuminate what a district is projected to receive a large boost in aid or in the proposed 3% minimum increase. 

"Estimate Change Over Time" shows how estimates for each aid category for the 2022-23 school year have changed between April, when the current state budget was enacted, and now. 

Here is a link to access and use the spreadsheet. It may take a while to load. Once it does, enter a district’s six digit BEDS Code to create a report. To look up a code for any district, click on the tab named “CODE LIST” at the bottom of the screen. 

Please write to advocacy@nyscoss.org with any questions or suggestions.