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Cornell Business & Technology Park, 10 Brown Rd.
Ithaca, NY 147850
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 Garrett Hamlin, AIA, NCARB: Vice President
P: 518.788.9036



Tetra Tech Architects & Engineers create innovative and sustainable designs developed by technical and creative professionals - based on understanding fostered by enhanced communication and collaboration. With the success of students a guiding principle since our inception, Tetra Tech Architects & Engineers is dedicated to developing the best possible learning environments for students, faculty, and staff by focusing on the positive impacts facilities have on education, integrating high-performance, LEED, and sustainable design principles into all of our designs, while never losing sight of each school's goals. Our mission is to bring professionals from all the major disciplines together to support the creative and innovative design of facilities. Worldwide, Tetra Tech is recognized as a leading provider of consulting, engineering, design and technical services. Tetra Tech staff have expertise in architectural and engineering design construction.