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Apptegy Inc.

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Little Rock, AR 72202
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Carmella Hopkins, Business Development Representative
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Apptegy builds products that empower school leaders to run better schools. We make it easy for administrators and educators to reach parents, students, staff, and your community at large. With our tools you can communicate better and influence how your public thinks and feels about your schools.

Resources provided by Apptegy:

The Comprehensive Guide to School Marketing - The role of the superintendent has changed. Now you have to tackle marketing. Learn how to unlock your brand identity, establish your online presence, and grow your reach.

Rethinking Parent-Teacher Communication - Parental involvement can make or break a child's education journey. In this guide, we'll discuss how you can improve family engagement through out-of-the-box parent-teacher communication strategies.

SchoolCEO - SchoolCEO is an online and print magazine dedicated to helping school leaders think differently about school marketing. Through proprietary research, case studies, and ongoing interviews with hundreds of superintendents nationwide, SchoolCEO addresses the rapidly changing landscape of public education.