Strategic Partners Advisory Committee

The Strategic Partnership Advisory Committee is composed of individuals participating in our Partnership Program that are interested in guiding The Council's efforts in the support area. The committee is open to all representatives from companies/ organizations enrolled in the Partnership Program and who are invited by The Council to sit on the committee. The committee meets once a year to help plan the Fall Leadership Summit and Winter Institute and review the Partnership Program.


  • Peter Brucato, VALIC

  • Ted DeVoe, HUNT Engineers, Architects, & Land Surveyors, PC

  • Maureen Donahue, Superintendent, SouthWestern

  • Deidre Hungerford, Program Associate, The Council

  • Cassandra Ingham, Utica National Insurance Group

  • Kelly Klopfer, Mosaic Associates Architects

  • Bari Lee, SEI Design Group

  • Krista Matia, Welliver

  • Chris Nelson, TEQ

  • Leo Ostberg, The Pike Company

  • John Ticco, Campus Construction Management Group, Inc.

  • Whitney Vantine, Wendel

  • Theresa Wutzer, Associate Director, The Council