Strategic Partner Program

Our Strategic Partnership Program provides opportunitites for companies, associations, organizations and foundations to connect with educational leaders. Through the Partnership Program, companies and organizations will experience:

  • Year-long exposure and sponsorship opportunities to build name recognition and customer loyalty.

  • Visibility and access to Council Members, LEAF, Inc. partners and other strategic alliances.

  • Opportunities to gain new insight into strategies, programs, products and services by participating in educational offerings with Council members, as well as opportunities for customized marketing research.

  • Insights into trends, issues and research affecting the educational field.

  • The ability to demonstrate committment to education to key educators.

Our Strategic Partnership Guiding Principles:

  • Create opportunities to build and deepen relationships with Council members.

  • Connect education leaders to the most current and effective tools and services in education.

  • Promote and support trends in education.

  • Provide a revenue stream separate from those generated by dues and other Council activitites to fund professional development programs, advocacy and legal services efforts of Council staff.

  • Establish ongoing relationships through comprehensive and interactive benefits.