Strategic Partnership Contract Options


Signature Partner

Signature Partners have annual renewable contracts with The Council and receive a customized marketing plan, basic contract benefits, and full access to the Menu of Marketing Benefits. Each agreement is unique to the company for which it was developed. No two plans are exactly alike. Certain menu benefits are only open to Signature Sponsors.

Costs/Commitment: $15,000

Benefits:  See Menu of Marketing Benefits to select marketing options in the  Strategic Partnership Brochure_ 2014_2015.pdf

Premier Partners

Premier Partners have annual renewable contracts and receive the basic contract benefits automatically and select their marketing options from the Menu of Marketing Benefits to develop their own customized marketing plan. Partnerships are arranged on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Premier Partners must commit to one of the four levels of support: Diamond, Platinum, Gold, and Silver.

Costs/Commitment: See Below for Levels of Support

  • Premier Diamond Partner - $10,000

  • Premier Platinum Partner - $8,000

  • Premier Gold Partner - $6,000

  • Premier Silver Partner - $4,000

Benefits:  See Menu of Marketing Benefits to select marketing options in the Strategic Partnership Brochure_ 2014_2015.pdf

Business Members

Business members are individuals who are active in a field that is allied to education and who wish to support the program of The Council and the public eduation system of New York State. These business members may gain access to The Council on payment due of $650 per year.

Business members do not have access to the Menu of Marketing Benefits or exhibiting opportunites. However, should a busines member wish to move to either the Premier or Signature level during the contract year, the amount level will be applied to the higher level. Please review list of benefits in the Strategic Partnership Brochure_ 2014_2015.pdf.

Contact Deidre Hungerford, Assistnat Director for Business Development at or call her at (518) 694-4885 for more information about the above options.