Legal Support Membership

Legal Support Members are attorneys who are active in a field that is allied to education and who wish to support the legal programs of The Council and the public education system of New York State. As a member, you may gain access to The Council with payment of dues of $650 per year. Register by using the Strategic Partnership  Brochure_ 2014_2015.pdf

This membership gives you the opportunity to present during one of The Council's Legal Briefing Workshops. Presentations must be approved by the legal department of The Council. Legal Support Members do not have access to the Menu of Marketing Benefits or exhibiting opportunities that are offered within the Strategic Partnership Program. However, should a member wish to become a Strategic Partner during the contract year, the amount paid into the sustaining level will be applied to the higher level.

List of Benefits:

  • Receive Council publications

  • Receive one Membership Directory

  • Access to label purchases

  • Annual event registration at the member price

  • Access to purchase Directory advertising

  • Participation in the golf tournament with Council members at the Fall Leadership Summit

  • Participation in a Legal Briefing Workshop. Presentations must be approved by the legal department of The Council.

For more information regarding this membership, contact Deidre Hungerford, Assistant Director for Business Development at (518) 694-4885 or e-mail