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The Council provides the Superintendents Resource Bank (SRB*) and the Cabinet Resource Bank (CRB*) to active superintendent and cabinet-level members. They are electronic resource banks and involve member superintendents with a desire to respond to requests for information and to share advice and experiences with colleagues on important issues they face.

We encourage questions on a wide range of topics. Responses come in the form of concise answers, shared experiences and materials on financial, pedagogical and other district matters. Often, contact information from the responding members is provided in order to establish a dialogue for sharing experiences.

You must be a paid Council member to participate in the resource bank. The Council will post your request for information in an electronic alert to members without identifying information of the requestor (name or district). As responses are received, they will be compiled, sent to the requesting member and posted on the Members Only section of this website. Requests are archived into the online Resource Bank database which is searchable by topic.

For more information on the Superintendents or Cabinet Resource Bank, please contact Vren Banks, Assistant Director, at 518/694-4875 or

* Disclaimer: The SRB and CRB are services to Council members. It may from time-to-time explain ways to adhere to legal requirements but should not be construed and is not in any way legal advice. As with any matter facing a school district, it is advisable to consult the district counsel before acting. Nothing in the SRB or CRB or information from The Council generally can substitute for formal legal advice.