Supporting & Sustaining Instructional Leadership


Roles and Responsibilities of the Principal and Superintendent

This workshop series will focus on what the research tells us about the knowledge bases and skill sets that define "instructional leadership" and how these findings can best be applied in the real world of school improvement. The relationship between the principal and superintendent will also be explored with attention given to roles, responsibilities and practices that support the ongoing development of instructional leadership.Participants will be provided with tools, skill building exercises, case studies, simulations and information to build on their current strengths as leaders. Each workshop session has been designed to be practical and applicable to the real world of the principal and the superintendent in today’s high stakes age of accountability.

In 2013 - 2014, we have expanded to six different sites across the state for you to select from. Please complete the instructions as indicated on the brochure for the site at which you intended to register.The BOCES will be handling all registration so that you can receive BOCES aid. We strongly encourage you to attend and look forward to working with you in the coming months. If you have any questions about the program content, please feel free to contact Kelly Masline at The Council at (518) 449-1063 or

BOCES Aid Available! Each program is sponsored by the participating BOCES and LEAF, Inc. Registration links will be available August 2013.