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Learn . . . Featured Presentations

Learn from featured sessions presented by LEAF, Inc., attorneys, State Education Leadership, Council staff, strategic partners and specialty topic speakers. Read about a few key sessions being presented, below. Additional sessions published summer 2016.

Work Smarter:  11 Strategies to Maximize Your
Time, Attention and Energy

with Dr. Michael Doughty, Superintendent, Monroe #1 BOCES

We’re all busy, and we’re constantly being asked to do more in less time. Learn about practical strategies to improve efficiency with office tasks, boost your energy, and increase your ability to focus on complex tasks.

From taming your email to taking control of your calendar to optimizing your routines, we will explore ways to maximize your efficiency at school so that you can stop bringing so much work home.  

Cybertraps for Educators:  The Legal & Professional 
Risks of the Digital Age

with Dr. Frederick S. Lane, Author, Lecturer

Over the last several decades, technology has infused into every aspect of an educator’s work from class prep to grading. While technology offers tremendous potential for enhancing student learning, providing innovative instruction and bridging often enormous physical distances between teachers and students, it also poses significant challenges.

Thanks to the overwhelmingly popularity of mobile devices among students and teachers (particularly younger, more recently-certified educators), technology is weakening the traditional boundaries of the classroom. In the casual, often unsupervised world of texting, instant messaging and social media, there’s a growing risk that teachers will inadvertently (or intentionally) enter into inappropriate relationships with students. The consequences can be devastating for everyone involved:  the student, the teacher, and the district. This presentation is based on five years of research and interviews with teachers and administrators, and is particularly appropriate for school administrators, school attorneys, and educators.

Surviving Bullying and Mental Health Challenges in School

with Meredith O’Connor, International Teen Pop Star

International Teen Pop Star Meredith O’Connor uses music to reach and speak for those students with bullying and mental health issues. Meredith focuses on overcoming adversity and embracing ones’ own unique qualities. Educational Leaders can learn to teach resilience in this fragile population from someone who has been there. 

The Science of Deeper Learning 

with Dr. Mathew Peterson, Co-Founder, Mind Research Institute

When math education moves beyond how and into why, you hear it happening. “Oh, now I get it.” “Yes!” “I knew it!” This is the sound of deeper engagement, deeper thought, deeper learning. How do you get there? Dr. Matthew Peterson will share insights on how our brains learn and how to create active learning environments that encourage deeper learning and foster student success in the 21st century.

Curriculum & Instruction Committee Discussion & Update

With William H. Johnson, Superintendent, Rockville Centre & Lorna R. Lewis, Superintendent, Plainview-Old Bethpage

It has been a challenging year – Common Core standards, test refusals, leadership changes, implementing yet another set of APPR changes. This session will discuss critical issues facing your districts and students and actions The Council can take to help. 

Legislative Committee Discussion & Update

With Neil F. O’Brien, Superintendent, Port Byron & Pat Sullivan Kriss, Superintendent, West Hempstead (7/1/16)

State politics and legislative policy drive a great deal of the agenda within our school districts. This session will provide analysis and information detailing state legislation and the outlook for the future of New York politics.