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Enjoy featured presentations presented by LEAF, Inc., attorneys, Council staff, strategic partners and specialty topic speakers. More topics added this summer.  

Sunday, September 21 / 4:15 - 5:15 p.m. 

  • Creatively Teach the Common Core with Blended Learning
    Catlin Tucker, Educator, Trainer, Author

    Are teachers in your school district overwhelmed by the prospect of transitioning to the Common Core Standards? Catlin will share strategies and technology educators can use to spark curiosity, encourage creativity, foster collaboration and effectively engage students both in class and online to ensure they are college and career ready.

    Sponsored by Premier Diamond Partner CSArch, Architecture, Engineering & Construction Managment.

    Leadership for College and Career Readiness

  • Richard Jones, Senior Consultant, Successful Practices Network & Career Readiness Institute

    Conventional leadership practices are necessary, but they are not sufficient when career readiness is added to college readiness as one of the student aspiration goals. Focusing exclusively on tests, diplomas, and college neglects many of the skills and knowledge that students need to be successful in life. Without a concurrent focus on life and career, the message to students is that education is for education’s sake. Adding career readiness to the equation places emphasis on essential skills and knowledge and, more importantly, makes school more relevant and engaging. This requires adding skills and strategies to the leadership toolbox. This session will share the strategies and dispositions that school leaders must mobilize to realize college and career readiness for all students.

    Presented by LEAF, Inc. and the Technical Assistance Center of NY

Monday, September 22 / 11 a.m. – 12 p.m.

  • The LEAF Institute for Blended and Online Learning
    Presented by Signature Partner PLS 3rd Learning

    As the movement toward creating online learning modalities continues to rise, educators need distinct strategies and skills to lead these new initiatives. The LEAF Institute for Blended and Online Learning recognizes this profound need and is committed to providing high-quality professional development opportunities for district leaders, building principals and classroom teachers. Grounded in current research and best practices, the LEAF Institute proudly presents a series of online courses that are fully facilitated, highly interactive, and provide the skills and knowledge necessary to implement a successful blended and online program.

Monday, September 22 / 3:45 - 5 p.m.

  • Making the Common Core Standards Work in Your Schools
    Dr. Robert Manley, Professor of Education, Dowling College & Dr. Richard Hawkins, Director of External Contracts, College of St. Rose

    Discussion of key factors that teachers and school leaders must share if they are to make the common core standards work. Targeted professional development and continuous collaboration about the expectations for students and formative assessments that measure student growth are the three pillars that comprise this presentation.

  • Never Give Up
    Victor Woods

    Victor Woods served time in both state and federal prison; arrested by the United States Secret Service for a $40 million dollar credit card conspiracy. Victor Woods stands a man reborn. His autobiography, A Breed Apart, is published by Simon and Schuster and is currently being adapted into a major motion picture. Victor Woods' incredible story has been viewed on CNN, Fox TV's O'Reilly Factor and he has spoken at school districts, colleges, universities and businesses across the United States. Considered an expert on turning around troubled students and schools, this session will include a highlight reel of national appearances and an in your face presentation followed by a Question and Answer session designed to reduce the dropout rate and techniques on how to inspire teachers and administrators to maximize their potential and NEVER GIVE UP.

Tuesday, September 23 / 8:30 - 9:30 a.m.

  • Collaborative Analytics for Informed Decision Making
    Eric Smith, 5Share Community Manager, Forecast5 Analytics, Inc.

    Forecast5 Analytics has developed a unique collaborative analytics platform that allows districts across the state to leverage data from multiple sources and levels (national, state, survey, local). Forecast5 will demonstrate how districts are collaborating to maximize the use of all types of data to make more informed decisions. 5Share™ is a unique platform that allows superintendents and their administrative teams to collaborate with colleagues across the state with a focus on data and analytics.