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The Council exists for one purpose – to help school superintendents and its other members succeed. Policies adopted in Albany or Washington can shift the odds either for or against success for our members and the schools they help lead. So advocacy – for members, with members, and by members – is one cornerstone in building toward success. In past roles, staff members helped negotiate School Aid and other legislation for the Assembly, Senate and Governor and retain extensive contacts with policy makers. Now that expertise is employed in advocating on behalf of schools, and to support superintendents in their own advocacy on behalf of the communities they serve. That expertise is never more valuable to school leaders than when the economy falters and governments’ capacity to deliver funding diminishes.

The Council’s advocacy staff constantly strives to give members the most accurate and timely information possible on developments affecting school funding and policy, both in Albany and in Washington, both to help influence decisions before they are settled by policymakers, and to interpret them once they are enacted into law.

The Council’s advocacy staff also helps superintendents and other members resolve issues with state agencies, and to avoid actions that can lead to problems with regulatory authorities.

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